Re Opening after COVID-19 

After months of being unable to run sessions, we are delighted to welcome you back to enjoy roleplay with your little ones at Petite Street!


There are of course, some adaptions we have put in place temporarily which will keep you and your little ones safe.


Session length and cleaning break: 

  • All of our sessions are still 90 minutes long however, we are only offering two sessions a day 10:30 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 14:30. This will enable staff to have an hours cleaning in between sessions. The clean will entail disinfecting all large surfaces and all toys by fogging, so if you’re attending session 1 or 2 you can have peace of mind that Petite Street is clean and safe.

Capacity and space to play: 

  • Following government advice, we will be reducing our number of children, pre walkers and adults.


Ticket price and extras: 

  • We are keeping our tickets the same price and taking the additional cost of PPE and safety on ourselves.

  • We will be increasing our extra enhancement areas to even more places for your little one to explore, which will organically support social distancing with your child. And again, less children, more space!

Sparkly clean hands and toys:

  • Hand santizer will be made available at the entrance and throughout the Petite Street. You'll also see additional anti-bac wipes that you are free to use if you wish. 

  • We ask that you and your child(ren) use the hand sanitizer at the start of each session and throughout.

  • If your child ‘mouths’ any of our toys (we appreciate they might like to try the wooden cakes and ice creams!) please place the item in our ‘Extra Love’ basket when they’re finished playing with it so we can quickly and easily clean and disinfect it ready for other children to play and enjoy.

Lets keep the space for play: 

  • We request that if possible you don’t bring pushchairs or buggy’s into the session and minimise the use of car seats etc to bring babies in so we can maximise the space for play and movement round.

  • If you are bringing a baby into the session please use slings/carriers where possible, however we understand that if you are walking or with a very young baby pushchairs may be a necessity. 

  • We now have use of the car park behind Petite Street that you are able to use. This is located between the CHequers pub and Hot Pot the take away. There is an alley way which you can follow to free parking. 

We can physically distance but still be social: 

  • Please observe social distancing guidelines when playing at Petite Street. We know and appreciate that little children will not comprehend the guidelines that we’ve all come to understand, but we ask that our parents and carers support their little ones closely with this, helping them see where others are playing and where they can explore next. 

We can't wait to see your faces:

  • As of July 19th face masks are no longer mandatory but an option for each customer. 


As always, if you have any concerns or questions during an event please speak to the Petite Street team member during your session. 


If you have any questions about our procedures in our sessions, please let me know at .