Calling all officers!!

At this police station your child gets the chance to enforce the law by catching the bad guys and placing them behind bars in a little cell with a padded seat. They can use the uniforms to feel like a real police officer taking phone calls, arresting people and keeping petite street safe!

Morning Campers!

Come out in the fresh outdoors and enjoy some house hold role play with a twist. The camper van is set up for children to explore and use what they know from their own homes. There is also a BBQ and camp fire setting for the children to act out a stay in the great outdoors.

Orders up at our American themed diner!

This exciting new restaurant encourages your child to take orders, cook food on the grill and become a waiter/ waitress delivering the yummy meals to all of the locals here at Petite Street!

Calling all doctors to surgery!

As the scrubs go on your child will enjoy taking on the role as a doctor or nurse here at the Petite Street Doctors. Your child will love making all patients feel better using the doctors equipment and sending them to the bed for rest!

Caution builders at work!

As you enter the builders yard you can see the children wearing the hi-vis jackets and helmets as they undertake maintenance at petite street! Watch for the warning signs!

The vet clinic is open!

Watch your child as they look after various animals in our vets at Petite Street. Whether they are in for a pamper or an operation your child will love taking care of the animals in the vets station.

Ready, Set, Drive!

In our outdoor area we have a car track for the children to move around freely enjoying practicing those gross motor skills and some balancing skills whilst having a great time! On our road we have a petrol station for children to stop and refuel before carrying on their journey.


Our post box at Petite Street always needs emptying and sorting before handing out the parcels and post to the shops. 

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